The Great Debate – Who Is Behind the Ruble Follies Part III

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The Great Debate – Who Is Behind the Ruble Follies Part III
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To: POTUS_U.S. President Barack H. Obama <>; U.S. President Barack H. Obama <>; POTUS_Office of the President <>
Cc: OMB_President Barack Obama <>; United States of America <>; OVP_Vice President Joe Biden <>; OVP_Alan L Hoffman <>; OVP_Chief of Staff Bruce Reed <>; Stephanie Cutter <>; Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter <>; Chief Justice_John G Roberts <>; US Supreme Court_Chief Justice John G Roberts <>; Attorney General Eric Holder <>; U.S. SECY TREASURY_JACK LEW <>; Governor Scott Walker <>; WI Attorney General J B Van Hollen <>; Lt Gov Rebecca Kleefisch <>
Sent: Friday, April 11, 2014 8:39 PM
U.S. President Ronald W Reagan’s Mandated “Operation Stillpoint ” to Destabilize the Soviet Union (U.S.S.R.), as The Evil Empire _ and _ to DENY ME THE CONTINUING OPPORTUNITY – Pursuant to Totten  v. United States, 92, 105 (1875), U.S. District Court Decision – Eastern District of Virginia, in CIVIL ACTION No. 02 – 1363 – A
To :   United States of America – Washington, D.C.
          1. The Honorable, Barack H Obama, et al
          2. The Honorable, Joe Biden, et al
          3. The Honorable, Eric Holder, et al
          4. U. S. Supreme Court, Chief Justice John G Roberts, et al
          5. U.S. Department of the Treasury, et al
          6. U.S. Customs Service – New Orleans
          7. U.S. Department of Justice
          8. U.S. Department of State
          9. state of Wisconsin, USA – Office of the Governor, The Hon. Scott Walker, et al
          European Operations
          1. New Republic/USA Financial Group GES.m.b.H, LTD (HRB 41.851), A-1010 Wien/Vienna, Austria
          2. Swiss Bank Corporation (SBC) _ Geneve, Switzerland
          3. PaineWebber – Geneve, Switzerland
          4. United Nations Industrial Development Organization [UNIDO], A-1400  Vienna, Austria

Finis/ stations////S-31-IANO/SA32NV/SA233MS/end

cc: Veterans Today – Leo E Wanta
      Bureau Chief / Editor
      Wien/Vienna, A-1010 Austria
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