AITECH PAD Launchpad: Solidus AI Tech Update

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Solidus AI Tech is leading the way for startups in the crypto, blockchain, and Web3 sectors by introducing AITECH PAD, an innovative platform that utilizes AI-driven infrastructure for rapid automation and scaling.

Step into the AITECH PAD Launchpad, a crucial link connecting the AITECH community with the most promising startups, ensuring exclusive benefits and unique participation opportunities for its members.

What is AITECH PAD Launchpad?

Your entryway to Seed, Private, and Public Sales.

On AITECH Pad, your investment options extend beyond just IDOs, providing the chance to participate in earlier stages at more favorable valuations.

AITECH Pad functions as a robust launchpad platform and strategic incubator, empowering Web3 ventures to translate their visions into reality and construct their token ecosystems. While the primary focus is on AI projects utilizing our cutting-edge HPC power and infrastructure services, AITECH Pad is open to high-quality projects that may not necessarily require our services.

Operational Blueprint
Startups undergo a thorough evaluation by the AITECH PAD team before being shortlisted. This assessment covers various aspects such as market relevance, concept feasibility, team competence, and more. Once approved, they embark on a crowdfunding, incubation, or acceleration journey with mentorship from the Solidus AI Tech team, leading to a successful launch.

Crowdfunding — IDO/ Public, Private, Seed

AITECH Pad is poised to provide crowdfunding opportunities for projects seeking funds for their TGE event and development. The funding amount raised by AITECH Pad is flexible, tailored to the specific needs of each project. The crowdfunding package includes a comprehensive marketing strategy to enhance the project’s visibility within the AITECH community and attract interest from diverse communities, fortifying the overall strength of the project.


Extending over a period of 12–18 months, this encompasses three stages: groundwork, launch, and post-launch guidance. During this time, the mentor group enhances the project’s strategies, refines tokenomics, fine-tunes its products, and evaluates potential roadmaps. During the launch, the focus shifts to marketing and engagement, while the post-launch phase centers on advisory support to ensure the projects thrive in the market.


Designed for experienced teams in search of targeted guidance, this dynamic program concludes within 3–4 months. It offers support in making pivotal decisions, accelerating marketing efforts, and establishing connections with various projects.

If you represent a project and wish to obtain further details on the aforementioned, please don’t hesitate to email at

Dynamics of the IDO

When ready for IDO, AITECH PAD prepares the projects, presenting them to the AITECH community. After settling on particulars like token allocation and price, the launch countdown begins.

Two IDO Rounds:

Round #1: Exclusive for top stakers — Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and select Bronze members who register interest.

Round #2: Open for all, even those who haven’t registered interest in the IDO round.

If the IDO reaches its maximum capacity in certain situations, it concludes instantly, bypassing any subsequent rounds.

The Role of $AITECH:

$AITECH plays a vital role in engaging the community in project bootstrapping, serving as a reward mechanism for community loyalty. By staking sufficient $AITECH tokens, members unlock exclusive perks from early-stage startups.


How to Participate:

  • Visit
  • Complete the onboarding process by KYC & Verify profile.
  • Stake $AITECH to achieve at least Base tier status.

Qualified users get priority rights for every IDO but need to express their participation intent by registering a day before the IDO.

Staking & Ranking:

Points determine eligibility, calculated based on the amount and duration of staking. There are six tiers: Base, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

Point System:

1 $AITECH = 1 point.

All available pools on are boosted!

30 days = 1x points
90 days = 1.3x points
180 days = 1.5x points
365 days stake = 2x points

Tiers Breakdown:

Each tier, from Bronze to Diamond, offers distinct benefits, with the Diamond tier providing a suite of rewards, including token and NFT airdrops, superior voting rights, and complimentary access to Solidus AI Tech’s Diamond Tier Telegram Group.

AITECH Pad offers 6 tier levels:

💫 Base Tier: 2000+ points
🥉 Bronze Tier: 4,000+ points
🥈 Silver Tier: 40,000+ points
🥇 Gold Tier: 100,000+ points
🤖 Platinum Tier: 200,000+ points
💎 Diamond Tier: 400,000+ points

Refund Policy:

To adapt to market dynamics, AITECH PAD offers a versatile refund option, wherein each project is subject to unique terms determined by the team, usually within a 0–14 day timeframe. Users can choose participation or claim a refund within this period.

For participation and benefits, a minimum of 2000 $AITECH is required to be staked.
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