FREE Wendy’s chicken nuggets every Wednesday

wendys nuggets

As a way of celebration, the fast food chain is dishing out something to cheer each customer every hump day Wendy’s will be serving a sweet deal that will last throughout the remainder of the year.

From November 8 till the end of 2023, every Wednesday the fast food company offers patrons six-piece chicken nugs for free upon purchase.

The offer is available only through the Wendy’s app or online, and it gives 8 weeks of good eat.

Additionally, the chain has made arrangements for online deliveries. The promotion runs from November 6th through November 12th with buy one get one free on ten piece nuggets for Uber eats’ customers. Customers will also receive an extra discount between November 16 and November 22 if they add a Dr. Pepper to their DoorDash order costing twenty dollars and above. Wendy’s had more exciting information this month. Since Nov. 14, the peppermint Frosty rejoins the list of season’s menu.The company launched it as a new product in November of the preceding year. This was the first ever holiday-flavored Frosty the chain had introduced when it was just launched.

Every bite or mouthful tastes “peppermint bursts” as claimed in January 9th, 2017 press release (Boston). With the seasonal sweet, fans can also get the classic chocolate Frosty. The minty taste will displace pumpkin spice frosty that was launched on Sept. 12.

However, this was a first to the company when it introduced the fall flavor into the frozen desserts by offering the pumpkin spice Frosty that was release early September.

Pumpkin Spice Frosty

This had been a year, Wendy’s launched different summer variations.a In summer, they replaced the vanilla flavour of the Frosty with strawberries. It was one of the two novel flavors that were added by the company at this time. This month, one of Wendy’s Taylor-Swift deals ended last month. The fast food joint announced free fries on the occasion marking the re-launch of pop diva Taylor Swift’s pop album 1989.

On Oct. 27, Wendy’s customers could buy any fries by simply purchasing a small-sized frosts through the app.